3Rd Live Tournament

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      Hey everyone

      I signed up for my 3rd ever live tournament yesterday afternoon for a buy in of £10 (about 20$). It was a £750 Gtd MTT at my local casino - 2000 starting chips 25/50 blinds 20 min blind intervals. I had a long grind and a lot of ups and downs (at one point i had about 20% of the chip average) then i doubled up a couple of times and before i knew it i was on the televised (within the casino) final table. I watched a lot of people get knocked out when there was 6 people left and i went all in pre flop with AK. I had 2 callers + blinds (very large at this point - about 20% of the average stack) and managed to tripple up! I then cruised until there was 3 people left. 1 short stack at 11K, I had 22K and another person at 44k! We all agreed a modified split and i walked away with £190 (about 380$)

      hope to be taking part in next weeks!

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