[NL2-NL10] I know i wasnt meant to be in this hand, but. . .

    • ciaran667
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      ok, so i know i should be folding this preflop but what about after the turn??
      Couldnt have asked for a worse card

      Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Sat Oct 20 21:57:19 EDT 2007
      Table Table 131157 (Real Money) -- Seat 10 is the button
      Total number of players : 10
      Seat 1: armstrc ( $1.90)
      Seat 2: MastermindTN ( $10.89)
      Seat 3: ll_shi_ll ( $5.40)
      Seat 4: KorWin78 ( $11.82)
      Seat 5: JMBBMM ( $6.34)
      Seat 6: pofantastico ( $9.99)
      Seat 7: joshil3 ( $17.66)
      Seat 8: LingLing_xD ( $16.90)
      Seat 9: Giovanny1111 ( $10.13)
      Seat 10: eXcluSiv22 ( $10.84)
      armstrc posts small blind (0.05)
      MastermindTN posts big blind (0.10)
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to armstrc [ 2c, Ah ]
      ll_shi_ll calls (0.10)
      KorWin78 folds
      pofantastico folds
      joshil3 folds
      LingLing_xD folds
      Giovanny1111 folds
      eXcluSiv22 folds
      armstrc calls (0.05)
      MastermindTN checks
      ** Dealing Flop ** : [ 5d, 4d, 3c ]
      armstrc bets (0.20)
      MastermindTN calls (0.20)
      ll_shi_ll calls (0.20)
      ** Dealing Turn ** : [ 6d ]
      armstrc checks
      MastermindTN bets (0.80)
      ll_shi_ll calls (0.80)
      armstrc folds
      ** Dealing River ** : [ Js ]
      MastermindTN checks
      ll_shi_ll bets (0.10)
      MastermindTN calls (0.10)
      ** Summary **
      Main Pot: $2.57 | Rake: $0.13
      Board: [ 5d 4d 3c 6d Js ]
      armstrc balance $1.60, lost $0.30 (folded)
      MastermindTN balance $9.69, lost $1.20 [ 4c 8h ] [ a pair of Fours -- Js,8h,6d,4c,4d ]
      ll_shi_ll balance $6.77, bet $1.20, collected $2.57, net +$1.37 [ 5c Jd ] [ two pairs, Jacks and Fives -- Jd,Js,6d,5c,5d ]

      What would other people have done when the 6d came? Worst card in the deck as far as I'm concerned, but turns out I was still miles ahead. . .

      Is this a fold? Or should I have bet, planning to fold to a raise? Or check called? Both players flat called the flop, which would suggest at least one of them was on a flush draw, surely? How often is your straight still good in this situation?
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    • Berliner1982
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      Fold preflop here. And bet again on the turn, if someone calls you can hope to get a freeshowdown by checking on the River, if both calls give up your hand. If you get raised you know that you´re beat by a flush. On the Flop also Overcards, Pocket 44 etc. call you, not only the Flushdraw.

      But again fold preflop, to avoid these situations.
    • chenny8888
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      the flop bet was 2x BB... no one else thinks this is too small?

      i'd go for maybe 3-4x...
    • Berliner1982
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      Oh he is not HU here. Yeah he should have betted at least $0.40 here, maybe even Potsize to protect better against a Flushdraw since he is OOP.
    • ciaran667
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      the reason I only bet 20c was because the pot was only 30c.
      I figured this was a good amount because it doesnt give either player the right odds to chase a flush (although at 3.5 to 1 the second player will almost be right to call, if the first one does)
      I was pretty certain I had the best hand, and didnt want to frighten them both out of the pot. I wanted it to look like an attempt to steal the pot on a board that was not likely to have helped anyone.
      Any more and they probably would just have both folded. I want them to call with flush draws in this situation. Not many hands are going to call 40c here when the pot is only 30c.
      My main reason for this post is that I am new to internet poker, I am used to playing pot limit in casino. This is how I would have played the hand in the casino. I was sure one of them had the flush, but people seem to play different online. Should I ever fold a straight at these limits? I've seen some crazy calls in the last week or so, online players seem far more reckless.

      Thanks for the replies!! :D :D