Multi table HU SNG v Single table HU SNG

    • ZeMammuth
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      Hey guys, what do you guys think is the most profitable to play? single table sngs at 6 dollar turbo on stars? or the 4+ player hu sng?

      In the 4 player hu sng only first place gets paid and it's 4 times the buy in. So in other words, if you win one [win 2 games in a roll you get 3 buy ins] another positive is that it's like playing 3 games in a roll and only paying the rake for one of them.

      That's what I grasped so far about them, I am looking to hear what other people think about them.

      However ,if I have a win rate at hu 60 percent, since it's going to be v 2 opponents u can say the chances of winning are half. So 30 percent and first place get's 3 times the buy in profit.

      So 30 percent chance of winning and 3 times buy in with the rake paid of only one So they are looking more + ev that single ones to me, what do you guys think?
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