Sorry if its in the wrong place!

In general all the first deposit bonus need to be cleared in all the rooms!
It seems like they dont make it easy for you to clear unless your playing nl50-100 sng!

So if i play sng nl5 and play 4 hours a day no more than 2 or 3 games at a time can i count on maybe even clearing 50% of the bonus?


Should I not even take into account that I am getting bonus and not include bonus into BRM.
There is a big difference between having a BR 500 or BR 1000 with bonus
(Mom always said dont count on the chickens until the eggs hatch! Even when hatched dont mean they will make it to chickenhood!)

Really just want some feedback on how easy are the bonus to clear for someone who can dedicate about 30 hours a week to playing....i find more then that my level of play falls off too much!

Thanks for your input!