KT LATE in turbo SnG

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      I'm holding KTo late in a turbo tournament. Stacks are something like



      semi-tight/Passive / Dealer

      or thereabouts, blinds are at 300/600. Dealer limps in leaving him at 1900. SB folds. I'm thinking to take a chance here, as I put him on a LARGE range (he's getting blinded out), so I push minraise with KTo. I'm thinking he'll either call or raise as he's VERY shortstacked, compared to blinds.

      My table image at this point is loose/aggressive and clearly I'm chip leader at this point.

      He pushes All-In and I call him.

      Ends up being KTo vs QJo, my KT holds up and I win the pot.

      Several hands later I win the tournament.

      In retrospect I'm thinking perhaps I shouldnt've pushed with KT against a limper, should've just seen a free flop taken it from there, but then again he did have position on me, would be an easy task to bluff his way out on a good majority of hands etc.. thoughts?

      extra info: single table $3+.3 turbo
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