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      First I'd like to say in the last 3 months I've turned into a bit of a poker addict this site has been a major catalyst in this respect!

      I play most days on Full Tilt NL0.02 for around about 2 hours (UK 9.30p.m -11.30p.m). I usually earn a massive 0.5 or so SP for my efforts. 1 in 10 days I will earn 1SP or more. So unless I play a lot more I'm still not going to get SILVER status X( .

      I'm still playing with my free $50 dollars and was loose to start with and UPs and downs. My bankroll hit 4$ a week ago and time came to be tight ; I'm upto 11$!

      Anyway when I checked out the SP earning rate I see Full Tilt only earns me 2SP per 1$ Rake. There are quite a few that give double this. With this in mind (I want SILVER Status :D ) I'm looking for advice which site is best for earning SP and has plenty of fish :f_love: at NL0.02. Free rolls don't matter as I never really have time for these!

      So where should I go with a new small deposit say £20 to a) stay alive (most important) and b) get more than the 2SP per 1$ rake I get at Full Tilt? Thanks !
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