It's the second time, that Party Poker quits when I am playing, restarting, and opening the tables I played at. BUT I didn't realise the hand histories weren't available anymore, because I use PAHUD, so I see the mucked hands.

About 300 hands might be missing from my hard drive. (PT doesn't show the proper amount of winnings, I know it because I use an excel file as well, recording my winnings, counted from part poker balance)

I asked the last 100 hands on these tables in e-mail. I received them, but PT won't import them if I save the hh into a txt file. (I cannot import them directly from e-mail, because Outlokk express; which seems the only supported way to import e-mails to PT; does not contain that e-mail address I use at PartyPoker, and if I forward them it won't import them either...)

I tried it with Holdem Manager as well, but it sais, there are import errors, and nothing imported.

Have any of you met with a problem like this? And if yes, how can it be solved?
Thanks for your help in advence.