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trouble after changing poker platform

    • farbwenz
      Joined: 01.01.2010 Posts: 359
      Hi I started playing on cake poker, and played mainly 1$turbos and 2$double up SNGs. I took a lot of notes of my opponents and after some time I had a good idea of their ranges and way of play.
      Now i moved to party poker and play 3$speed SNGs, I played 50 games so far.It seems they play an entirely different game. Sure, some ppl also limped on cake poker with AK in the late phase, or went all in with 25o in the first round, but at partypoker it seems to be the normal mode of play.
      In the early phase it is no problem, I almost play no hand at all, and if I do, I usually double up(or bust with my pocket kings or aces). My main problem is in the middle phase: My opponents just keep calling both my stealraise and my contibet, no matter whether they hit the flop or not. And with resteals it's even worse. Should I still keep stealing as described in the articles? If I don't, I end up in the late phase rather short stacked....
      And in the late phase I have trouble with limps, minraises and bad calls, and I don't quite know what to do in such situations. Whe the SB completes, I go all-in instantly with any 2 cards. When someone else calls, I normally go only all-in with quite good cards, because he will call anyway. And with minraises I never know what to do....
      So I would like to know how to play the middle phase, and how to deal with limpers, callers and so on in the late phase. Also, at cake poker, i normally took notes of exceptionally bad moves or strange behaviours. But this does not seem to make sense on party poker, because almost any hand i see is just played poorly. what kind of notes should i take, or should i just play simple ABC poker regardless of my opponents behaviour?
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      You definitely should adjust to your opponents.

      If your opponents are stacking off with weak hands in early levels, then you should not wait for KK+ to get all-in. Lower your standards for getting all-in. Busting out early is not worse than bubbling out.

      If players are calling your continuation bets with no pair and no draw, then you should adjust your raising range and your cbetting ranges to punish this. Tend to have showdown value more often when you are inflating the pot.

      If your opponents are making spite calls against you on the bubble, then you may need to tighten up. However, only tighten up on your pushes when you have a read that your opponent will call widely on average, not because you see an occasional crazy call. Many casual players still want to make it into the money, and will still call with a tight range on the bubble when you have them covered.

      Be careful that some low stakes SNGs have very high rakes. This makes it hard to beat them even if you have a large skill advantage, which is part of why the play there is so bad. The serious players tend to play at levels or sites where the rake is not as high, and you are left playing against players who are trying to give money away.
    • farbwenz
      Joined: 01.01.2010 Posts: 359
      and thanks again:) Yeah that's about what I was thinking about it, too.
      These 20% percent rake are.. well I hope I can get a positive ROI there, games are not too much fun there but at least they are fast and moving up shouldnt take too long then.....
    • Ultifanatic
      Joined: 08.04.2008 Posts: 100
      I play on Cake as well and it is a way different player base for sure....I actually moved from the $3 speed to the $3 Turbos for the reasons you are giving on Party.

      I find that since the late game phase comes that much quicker that the fish either get too scared early and go all in when they do not need to OR they do not have the oppurtinity to hang around in pots after the flop and suck I can get more volume of games in....

      It works for me...