Hi guys!

First some details about me. I'm 21 (will be 22 in a week) and I'm from Slovenia, and I've been playing poker for around 2 years now. At the beginning I played mostly on Party Poker, then moved to Power Poker (due to promotions we had on our small Slovenian forum), and now I started playing on FullTilt Poker.

I made around 1.5K$ on Power Poker, but cashed everything out (since I played with that intention, to pay for my holidays in London UK, Krakow PL and two weeks at the sea). And now I'm starting from scratch.

Since I'm a student, my finances aren't all that great, therefore I only deposited 300$ on FTP. My first goal is to play around 35K-50K hands on NL10 and then we'll see what's next.

As I said, I'll be playing on FTP, NL10 SH and my intention is to post a graph and my stats every 5K hands here, solely for the motivational reasons. I will not post any hands (or maybe some from time to time) since I tend to post them in the "Hand Evaluation" section of the forum.

So, here is the graph for the first 5K hands:

And here are my stats:

So basically, these things are here so you can just take a look at my progress, and of course, if you see anything unusual / interesting or anything I should try to change at my stats, feel free to comment.

Kind Regards,