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Dealing with 3-bets on NL25 SH

    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Hey guys. I was just wondering what calling and 4-betting range you guys use against different types of opponents when facing a 3-bet.

      In first example a nit type of opponent with a 3-bet range from 2-3% which you basically know he has QQ+ or AK i prefer never to 4-bet bluff and get it in with KK+ and call with and small PP hoping for a set since his never ever folding and overpair or AK on an A or K high boards. In case i do not hit a set and i've got a overpair im simply folding. I know this goes out of the call 20 rule but thats based on the fact that you manage to stack your opponent every 3rd time, which from my experience isn't the case with that type of opponent who you probably get to stack at least 1 out of 2 times and other times you at least get 1 or 2 bets out of him. Of course you do get set over set once in a while but that really doesn't happen all that often.

      Example 2 are more or less standard opponents with 3-bet around 6-7%. Those im generally calling with AQo+ AJs+ sometimes KQs and 99+ and sometimes lower pocket pairs as well. I dont like 4-bet folding or 4-bet and get it in with QQ or JJ hoping for a flip, and also i don't have to balance that much considering the players on NL25 are generally bad and wont notice it anyway, thats why i also have very few bluff 4-bets in my range. If i do 4-bet bluff i usually do it with Ax which you can easily get away from if he shoves and you at least have 1 blocker.

      Well third example are the annoying maniacs with 3-bet 10%++. Against those i usually tighten up a lot if i've got them to my left and then 4-bet bluff if they are folding a lot to 4-bets. I also call them with all the good hands like AT+ and KQ, KJs. Sometimes some strong suited connectors like 9T+.

      I would really like to hear your opinions about that and what ranges are you playing in 3-bet pots. I just moved to NL25 last month and been doing pretty much ok. Running with 7.8 bb/100 over about 70k hands 12 tabling now since if i play less then 10 tables i get way to spewy. Was running really hot for the first 30k hands with winrate of 16bb/100 hands but then hit a little downswing and sad to say tilted away a few stacks as well :( But working on that now so thats good at least :)
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    • yeahyoung0312
      Joined: 16.12.2009 Posts: 340
      I've had problems with 3 bets too so since then I read about this topic from different sources. I have to say it's quite complicated.

      Against 2-3% guys there is not much to do than folding/4bet-jamming. Set mining is not worth it.

      Against 6-7% guys it becomes interesting. IMO, simply knowing the percentage is not enough and you have to know the specific range villain's 3-betting with. Some 6-7% guys 3-bet a polarized range (top 2-3% + suited connectors/1 gappers) and flat all small pps, some 3-bet top 6-7%. Strategies against these two types of players are totally different. Against the former you can 4-bet bluff more, against the later you have to be more cautious.

      Verneer suggested 4-bet with small pocket pairs, when opponents can fold 66% of their 3-bet range, a + EV play. 6-7% guys fit this type.

      I think in general, folding/4 betting with premium hands is fine. If you want to mix in some 4-bet bluff then suited Ax or small pocket pairs are good candidates. You don't even need a plan when opponents shove over or flat your 4-bet because the move itself should be profitable preflop.

      4-bet also has a lot to do with game flow and aggressiveness dynamics. For example Cole South suggested if your 4-bet bluff worked once then you should 4-bet bluff exactly the same opponent at the very next available opportunity to let him out-level himself.

      If you flat then you better be IP or have a plan to proceed. Broadway cards are fine to flat because of card removal. You also need the guts to bluff.

      A strategy against maniacs who 3-bet > 10% is to flat their 3-bet, in or out of position, then raise or check-raise flop. The more a player 3-bet pre, the more often he has to fold to a raise or check/raise on the flop. You need to be selective in terms of flop texture though.

      Anyway, cong to the good winning rates and good luck! Impressed by your 12-tabling :P