a french who need help !

    • albert2809
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      hi friends !

      i am french ( so excuse my poor english ! ) and i desesperate not to be able to play on .com pokersites since this new law appear in july in our frog country.

      however poker is now my " full time job" and i really need to continu playing on .com sites.

      i bought a vpn based in UK and i did all the necessary to be invisible by my favorite pokersite. i formated my pc created a new account, a new neteller account, but i probably made a mistake ( normal, i am french !)because the site ask me now a proof the adress i gave them ( i gave them an adress near my vpn );

      i don't have any solutions because i don't kwow anybody in UK.
      my last idea before to jump over the window ( it's a joke !) is to take the scan of an original UK bill ( utility, cell, electricity bill..) and to replace the name and the address by the one i gave to the pokersite.

      so i decided to offer 50 dollards by netteler to the first who will send me a scan of his bill (you can mask your real name and address, so you will stay anonymous )

      send it at albert2809@gmail.com

      i search one day lon on google before but i didn't find a better solution.
      so thank you to help a desesperate french poker player.

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    • swissmoumout
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      There's no way this thread will stay open, but I'll help you out since i think the new law is complete bullshit.

      First: don't photoshop a bill. I'd bet way more than those 50$ that they'll see it and lock your account. Well, you could probably forge a bill, print it then scan it to make it look more real, but at best you'll end up with a useless address.
      If you want to pass through another country, you pretty much have two options:

      1) have a friend in that country who will let you use his address
      2) The swiss post has this awesome new thing called Swiss post box (link).
      It's basically a PO box (boite postale), but instead of just holding your mail, they scan it (just the envelope), and you can either request to have it forwarded to your home address, or have them open & scan the actual letter. Basically it converts post into email. Anyway, the point is, you can get one of these PO boxes in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy or Austria. So you have an address in another country, but still get all your mail. Plus it's really cheap.

      oh and if you need a VPN in Switzerland, check out swissvpn.net, it's only 4€/month. I used it from the US 6 months ago, it seems pretty good
      Bonne chance :)
    • albert2809
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      thank you for answering swissmoumout,
      it is nice to answer me and i read with a big interest your advice.

      i know this thread will probably not stay open for a long time. ( i apologize pokerstategy for that )

      but i am really desesperate.
    • SickAtHome
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      bonne chance
      I can't help but I wish you best of luck!