Showing a bluff

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      Is it ever a good idea to show a bluff in a Sit'n'Go ?
      I just did that in a 3$ sit'n'go at the start in the hopes to get a bad image for when the good arrive I can benefit from it, which I did this time around.
      But is it a good idea to do that again ?

      This what the particular hand :
      Me in BB with :spade: Q :spade: J
      button called, SB called

      Flop : :diamond: 3 :club: 3 :spade: 7 (Pot:120)
      All check
      Turn : :heart: 10 (Pot:120)
      SB checks
      I bet 2/3 pot (80)
      BU calls, SB folds
      River : :heart: A (Pot:280)
      I bet 200
      BU folds
      I take the 480 chip pot and show.

      Some people called me a bluffer, and they called a later set and straight with middle pair, maybe because they're just plain bad, maybe because of the image.
      Now, is it a good idea to do something like this again in the lowest Sit'n'gos where people think to have read ability but usually don't ?
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