[NL2-NL10] NL200: AK preflop all-in?

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    • undercover82
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      I would give him some credit because you raised UTG and he minreraises you OOP which means he wants you to call him. I would call and see what the flop brings. If he played like that if i raised from BU i would prolly push him.
      You should be adding stats btw~~
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Riverman1984!

      Undercover is right. A minraise oop looks very suspicious and I would just call to reevaluate on the flop. On this flop it's an easy check behind or fold depending on the opponents action.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Mephisto87
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      when u push preflop only AA or KK will call you, sometimes QQ.

      so u have two lines. one is that you do a light 4 bet, light is importend so u can fold when he push. with a light 4 bet u will be not commited.

      other line is call his minraise. you are in position. look what the flop brings and then evaluate new.

      but you must give him credit he raises your utg raise from the bb thats strong.

      i hope u understand my worse english :)