I have played poker for a number of years

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      Players who successfully play online casinos do not admit mistakes that could ruin them. That's why they win more often than others. There are 10 most common mistakes to avoid.

      The first mistake - this game is in discomfort. Do not play if you are hungry, sick or tired. In this state you can not take the right decision.

      The second mistake is the game when your rates are too high, and the bankroll is too small for such rates. As a result - even occasional losses severely beaten in your pocket.

      Here you can designate another mistake - the game at too low rates. Sometimes it happens that, by making too low a rate and gaining a small winnings, you quickly get tired of this game, and you no longer control himself.

      The fourth mistake - the game in the casino, if you can not control their emotions. You're more likely to lose, if you can not keep himself in the hands of losses or too happy with the victory of winning, losing control over himself.

      If you do well to play poker, then play it, and not blackjack. In other words, if you want to win, then look for a game in which you will have an advantage. Not the right choice game - the fifth error.
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      Sixth mistake - not the ability to leave on time. They say the winners - to go away until you are lucky. But in fact, takes its greed, and most beginners lose everything, trying to win more and more.

      Another error - not focused game. If your thoughts are elsewhere, you will not win. Concentrating on the game or enjoy a view about what you think.

      But you can not play too hard. It is also a mistake. You can choose hard-aggressive nature of the game, but not stress-shy.

      Serious error - too long game. The longer you play the player, the more will confuse his thoughts. Sometimes you need to stop and rest.

      And the main mistake - the casino is not a way to get rich in an instant. Casino - it's just a good way of entertainment. But now, there is often benefit those who hold this view.
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      Just have fun, and fortune will notice you, and you win.
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      Hey edward879,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com and the Community.

      There is no such thing as a silly question :)
      But, there no direct answer for your question. Generally speaking if you are playing No Limit Hold'em you can bet as much as you like, which is why it's called "No Limit".

      But to answer your questions a bit better I will link you to our strategy section that will be able to explain the answer to your question a bit more in detail.

      To start you off I suggest you watch the basic videos in the "No-Limit Short Stack Strategy and No-Limit Big Stack Strategy videos in the Basic section to give you a brief over-view.

      Hope I have helped you and Regards,

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      Originally posted by edward879
      Hi all,
      I have played poker for a number of years and pretty much know the general rules. The question I have though is about betting, which I havnt done much of. Ok, lets say we are playing Hold'em and I have a sweet hand. A player before me bets his last chip and cant go any harder but I want to. What happens? I am thinking I can only bet up to see his bet and everyone else can only do the same. Is this right? Pretty simple question I know but like I said I am only new to the betting side of it and any help will be appreciated.
      Hey, welcome to PS.

      The question you ask is a bit vague - the more information we have the better we can answer you.

      Anyway, you should check out the pre-flop and post-flop basic articles on this site. They're a great help. Also, use the starting hands chart (though I'm not sure if you can get it with a basic account).

      Best of luck!
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      Player 1 -$50
      Player 2 -$100
      Player 3 -$100

      Player 1 pushes $50, Player 2 pushes $100 and player 3 calls
      If player 1 wins he can only gain $50 from player 2 and $50 from Player 3 ($150 total) If player 2 or 3 wins they get $250.