Best Time to Play Online?

    • edward879
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      The question "Why do the players play online casino?" Worries many players, particularly those who have not played online, but has experience playing in conventional casinos. Let's try to understand what are the advantages of online casinos to normal.

      Accessibility. Unlike the usual casino, online casinos do not need to go, ride or fly. Suffice it to connect to the Internet, download our free software and register. After registering you will be able to play in the casino without leaving your home.

      Security. While at home, you can not worry for their safety. Winning, for example, a million dollars, you're just sure that nobody would dare to encroach on your winnings. Online casino guarantee the security of your money.

      Privacy. In addition, the online casino also guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data. This means that your beneficiaries do not recognize any third party or, indeed, do not know and that you all play at the casino. Internet casinos can tell about your win his other players, but only with your consent.

      The choice of games. Another advantage is the huge selection of games. Some casinos will simply amaze scale diversity and provide for 200 or even 300 games. There is everything: different types of poker, roulette, blackjack, an incredible number of slot machines and even different games, which you just do not expect to see in a casino. There are even games with live dealers.
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      Progressive jackpots. In this case, as in the usual casino, online casinos have progressive jackpots, but again not so simple. Jackpots in online casinos are usually progressive and can reach many millions of dollars. Collected several jackpots casino belonging to the same network that will allow players to get a chance to win fantastic jackpots.

      Bonus policy. To win was easier to set up a special online casino bonus system, which in ordinary speech, and the casino is not going at all. Every new player can get a bonus on your first deposit. And sometimes you do not need to do even a deposit - casino just give bonuses to players received free opportunity to play their games of chance.
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      Practice game. But play free online casino you can even if you are not lucky enough to get bonuses. Simply download the program, register, getting up an account and you can play for free in a special training regime. You can play as much as you need to learn all the rules and learn to play so well, so you can win more often.
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    • Targetme
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      on party past 9pm eastern time theres like 1/4th the table and not enough for me but there all donkie canadians and drunk europeans during the day before that its alot of stronger but still easy to play abc players but with more tables then you will ever need
    • wuttehhell
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      when you are in the mood of playing
    • Targetme
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      try not to play half asleep in the mornin and piss away 2 buyins
    • Alficor1
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      I think playing around 9 E.T. at the weekends is the best.. lot of recreational players or donks with hungover play. You can see really crazy BS at that time. :D Like ppl shoving with backdoor flushes or gutshots or even underpairs. Just wait for cards and you'll get paid.
    • Wriggers
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      I like to play around Midnight - 2am GMT on Pokerstars. All the recreational players from America turn up, even better if they're drunk :D
    • konkey
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      Best time is definitely when people from north america come home from work.
    • UeYa
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      Originally posted by Targetme
      try not to play half asleep in the mornin and piss away 2 buyins
      Exactly what happened to me this morning... NL10 20$ gone while still having coffee

      QQ Vs 88 : set on turn
      TT Vs 55: set on flop (I played aggressively because oppo had played almost atc up to that moment )
    • gadget51
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      anytime, it's all good; when one fish falls sleep another one wakes up.
    • Mulatu
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      Originally posted by Targetme
      try not to play half asleep in the mornin and piss away 2 buyins
      So true. I try to have breakfast and a shower before I sit down to play.
      Also don't play when you're rushed... say you have an appointment in an hour and decide to play a few hands before you have to leave... you'll just get stuck and steaming.

      Best time for playing? There's action 24/7, with regular "Happy Hours" to lure non-serious players. I try to keep regular hours. (I think I play more focused in general). But it only takes one late night and I'm back to sitting in front of the computer all night.
    • holnrew
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      I've been having sleep problems really this past week, it's definitely affected my decision making...