Hello Pokerplayers! Here is my poker story..

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      Tressman316 here. I am a Norwegian man of the age 34.
      I have only been playing poker for 3 years, and only online so far.
      I started when i was 31 at the most fun poker site in my oppinion; PKR.com.
      I started with only playing for fun with play- money, and freerolls until i managed to increase the 1000 starting stack of play-money into 15000. (Oh how i wish it was real money...he he)

      I then figured I should put in some real money, and try it out. I played only tournaments and sit and go´s (I was afraid of the cash games, and still are..) I did not have a lot of luck until October 4th 2009. I was playing in a tournament called "$20,000 GTD Sunday Open" the buy in was only $25, but still it was not more than 858 players. I played solid tight aggressive poker only top 10-20 starting hands I really got lucky only two key times; I almost tripled up on the bubble with a straight against two people who had two pair. Then I had enough to sit back, relax and wait for the finale table. At the finale table I had a medium stack, and I got lucky again with a straight against two people. I then had 4 times the stack of the three people that was left. I just sat back and waited until I was heads up. And after 10 hands or so heads up... I won the 1. price of 4719$!

      I was smart enough to withdraw 4000$, and left 719$ in my bankroll at PKR. I continued to play tournaments, but my god.. I have never seen such a huge amount of bad beats...he he.. that 719$ was gone in 14 days.. hehe.

      I figured I should start playing at other sites, so I played at Pokerstars and Full Tilt, but I have never managed to win again. Bad beat city for over a year now..

      Maybe I play to tight now, and overplay my big hands against the donkeys.. But when I loose with AA all in pre-flop race to all kinds of donkey hands 7 out of 10 times... Or if I manage to triple up my starting stack early in a tournament; I always go completely card dead for an hour. Then I get KK or someting with 4-5 big blinds left, go all in and some donk knocks me out with everything from 8 4 off to A 2 off.

      Since that magical day a year ago, I have not played in one big tournament where I have not been unlucky. Its becoming ridiculous. All I ask for is a normal amount of luck to go with solid play. But it seems impossible to me now.

      The closest I got was a qualify (One pack guarantied) to WSOP Main event 2010 at pokerstars. It was late at night (early in the morning here in Norway, so it was only 350 players. I reached the final table, and went completely card dead the whole final table. I got down to the finale 3 players. and one of the players started to go all in every hand. The best hand I got the whole final table was Q 10. I mean WTF!

      But I will not give up. It has to turn around some time, right?

      Thank you for reading my post.


      Tressy T.
      Aka Tressman316 aka Tressmania aka TheTressman
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    • smoothazeros
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      welcome to pokerstrategy!
      Maybe it was bad luck or maybe it was just the way you were playing.
      I highly recomend you study the articles on Sit and Go/tournaments from basic to platinum and I guarentee that you will really start to profit.
      As for cash games, I was once scared of them too... Until I studied FL and how to play properly enabling me to make a profit.
      It's really important that you learn how to do Bankroll Management and when you play cash games make sure you at least go into a limit that you can do 300 Big Bets to.
      For example,when playing $0.15/$0.30 stakes, you should at the minimum have $90