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dustin "neverwin" woolf is a lier and a thief

    • kobeyard
      Joined: 02.02.2006 Posts: 2,750
      this thread is a reference to

      Dear PS-forum,

      this is gonna be long and might sound weird sometimes but im only repeating facts and the truth to 100%, so dont blame me for it.

      ok my last post (on 2+2) was on the 12th of march which is pretty much exactly half a year ago and while i said everything was alright and he didnt avoid me or anything he still didnt pay me back anything besides 1k back in the day i made the posting.

      you might want to ask me why i lied to you. well, the answer's simple: he asked me to do it and said it was my only chance to get back the money and that he will be in serious trouble if i dont help to regain his reputation because he said he owes money to the mafia and told them he didnt owe anybody else money so he said they got horribly mad when they found out because of this posting.

      of course i was really sceptical about his story but i couldnt risk that he got hurt or worse because of the money. even when the chances of it being true were kinda small. i decided to help him again because i thought it was my only chance to get back the money.

      that is btw just one of a lot of lies he kept telling me during the last year.

      later he promised me to give the money in cash to any friend of mine during WSOP. he knew i was not about to come because of personal reasons and because i dont like playing live poker so i told 3 friends of mine to look for him and get the money for me. first and only one to actually meet him was aXerox. he met him somewhere (dont know the exact casino) when neverwin was on the way to a 200/400 game. he had more than 10k in cash with him and xerox really tried his best to get the money right then and there but neverwin refused to give it him and came up with some lies that its not his money or anything. xerox didnt see him again during his stay. second was schnibl0r who tried to call him several times and wrote an sms and didnt get any response. schnib then didnt have the time to make anything happen. the 3rd and last one was schafsheep. he finally was able to arrange a conversation and neverwin told him they should meet at the airport (before sheep left) and he was going to give him the money. he refused to meet him the evening before or earlier that day in vegas. while sheep tried the best he could to find him at the airport (according to his words he actually really screamed his name and nickname trying to find him because i told him he was certainly my last bet to get the money at all. he also approached almost every white guy around 30 who was standing at the airport or seemed to look for somebody). eventually he had to leave and didnt get the money.

      later that day neverwin told me he hasnt been able to find him because he had no picture of him and no idea how he looked like and that its all so sad and hes really fucked up because of it. as i got to know now he certainly never went to the airport but instead stayed at home at made fun of the both of us.

      a few days later when i got a hold of him again (he played on stars and wasnt able to pretend he wasnt there) i got him to commit into making a wire transfer and he promised he was going to do that in early august. i gave him all the banking details he needed. iban, swift i even got the home adress of my bank, i got it all and sent it to him via mail and skype. he said there wouldnt be a problem because he just sold one of his houses and had about 100k in his wells fargo account. he even offered to give me the login to look for it myself, but i refused that because i respect peoples privacy and it just wouldnt change anything.

      during the 2nd half of august i was on vacation and was spending a lot of my time with my gf because shes taking part in an exchange program. so i wasnt able to stalk him then. when i got back i found out that he had a nice upswing on stars. i saw him playing a few days later and approached him again on sunday the 29th of august. he told me that he made the wire like 6 weeks ago (i was first talking to him about it in the early days of august so that was completely impossible) and he just found out that it didnt get through and the transfer apparantly just got lost. well obviously that was another try to buy time. he then offered to send me the money online and in case i would really receive the wire transfer i will send it back. of course i agreed to that but he was offline right away and wasnt able to answer anymore.

      later that day he was online playing on stars and he lost like 20k within 1 day.

      2 or 3 days later i still havent heared of him and finally decided that its time to change gears. ive been respectful and friendly for more than a year. i tried all i could to help him pay me back. i gave him more than enough time and all i got was stories.

      in the meantime i also got in contact with some people that know him personally and everybody has been telling me pretty much the same stories independent from one another and it came clearer and clearer that ive been lied to for the whole time.

      of course i didnt really expect his stories to be true. of course i knew he was trying to buy time, but i thought my best chance to get back the money was to cooperate, but apparently i was wrong.

      on the first of december i decided to start actually doing something.

      the first thing i did was to write a longer email to pokernews-strategy (he works for them and is a partial owner afaik) explaining them the situation briefly. i wanted to give them a chance to get proactive about it because i didnt want to embarass them by embarassing one of their instructors. i also wrote an email to dustin explaining him that he will get a deadline for the transfer. the deadline was yesterday, sunday 20:00 CET. i told him i was going to make EVERYTHING public and not leave out any detail. i told him was going to tell pokernews-strategy everything and they certainly will kick him out. i told him i was going to ask every single player for his or her help regarding this topic (i will get back to it in a second).

      this deadline obviously passed and i didnt receive a dollar.

      on thursday the 2nd of sept. he showed his account details to me via teamviewer and he had exactly 500USD in his account but he promised to get the transfer done by somebody else (he planned to pay the amount in cash or anything i guess) but it didnt happen.

      i decided to wait 18 more hours until i started making this post and here i am.

      the additional information i got about him or horrible.
      - he seems to have a serious drug problem but i cant be 100% sure about because ive never seen him take any drugs
      - he certainly owes a lot of money to other people too and still finds people that actually give him money.
      - he certainly sold all the houses he had and now rents one of them because he needed the money.
      - he seems to be banned from fulltilt which only makes sense because he plays on stars exclusively
      - poker is pretty much his only income. the only other source is pokernews strategy that pay him a little bit (not too much thought - i know the exact amount because hes been telling other people and other people told me

      disclaimer: these information werent collected by me exclusively and i dont have evident proof for them. so dont hold me responsible for it

      because of this i got the best idea i could have (partially by inspiration from a story i heared about hoss). he depends on the money he wins on stars so he will HAVE to pay me back if i can make it happen that he doesnt get any action anymore. this is where i need the help from every other pokerplayer on stars. you all know we are in the same boat somehow and we should work as a team here. the only thing i want to ask you for is simple: do not play him anymore until he paid me back the remaining USD 9,000. even if you dont know me and hopefully even the people that dont like me because i have chat tilting problems or just because you think im a dickhead or anything, PLEASE HELP ME. if everybody sits out when he joins a table he wont get any action anymore and he really needs to win money to pay for his addiction so he will pay me back eventually.
      i know a lot of you guys think you have an edge on him and you certainly have since he must be on drugs quite often but its certainly not gonna be huge and you dont only do it for me but also for yourself. the pokercommunity has to show unity and strength and has to stop people from abusing, stealing and scamming. if you see other people playing him and you want to help me and have some time, pls join the table and tell everybody what he has done to me and several other people before. im thankful for every single person that wants to help me. we as pokerplayers have show that we wont accept people like him among us. i hope the fish will realize that too so you might need to tell them.

      as i warned him before i will not only post here, but also on every other relevant pokerforum i know that i have access too. if you know other places where it should be posted, pls let me know or just hotlink this thread.

      for everybody who thinks its mostly my fault and im just getting punished for being as stupid as i am to send a person like him money, i want to tell you the following:

      these are ALL the information i had about him when he asked me to lend him the money for a tournament on stars.

      - in 2008 we used to played 7k hands HU 200/400 where i won slightly
      - i knew neverwinpoker was a pretty big site with a huge forum. apparently he gave that site its name and certainly was an owner of that site and i expected it to be worth quite a lot
      - i knew he used to play 1k/2k earlier
      - he once made a 100k transfer from FTP to stars because he won 100k in a sportsbettingleague. he gave me 1.5% commission and just sent me the money right away. he didnt know ANYTHING about me besides my account name and that i certainly have enough money to realize that transfer. that was only shortly before he asked me for these 10k. there wasnt a single reason i should have been worried about getting the money back. i mean he just sent me 100k for a transfer. it would have been so fucking easy to scam him and never come back but of course i didnt even think about it. instead i tried my best to send him the money as fast as possible during the exact same day.

      i hope this helps you to understand why i made that transfer even though i had a bad feeling and have always been telling myself to NEVER send money first to ANYBODY i dont know personally and VERY good.

      this whole story has been on my mind for so long. 5 years ago i was still working in a cinema for about 4USD/hour so i know how it feels like to earn money and i know how long i would have to work to earn this money. i cant just forget about it and say it was an experience. it just makes me feel miserable.

      once again i ask for everybody's help. please dont play him anymore and ruin every game he has. he will certainly tell you that he paid me or find another lie like: "a wire transfer is on the way" or "kobe just hasnt been online ever since", but dont believe him until i confirmed it here and in every other thread i posted.

      thanks a lot for your attention and hopefully for your help.

      best wishes to everybody
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