[NL2-NL10] NL5 (.01/.02) - Should I have seen this coming?

    • heritiKyl
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      Alright, just played this hand near the end of my session. I had a couple reads on this guy (by which I mean the BB, since UTG was gone after the flop), he was very LAG and would call 5xbb raises pf with any Ace (suited or not). So during the hand I put him on something like A8 or A7 because he never reraised after the flop, unless of course he was trapping me which I didn't think he would do. So I didn't think he had two-pair and any other ace I was dominating. Should I have slowed it down on the river when the second ten came?

      Titan Poker Chopin 0.01/0.02, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

      saw showdown

      Button ($5.45)
      SB Hero ($3.18)
      BB BB ($4.16)
      UTG ($2.11)

      Preflop: Hero is in the SB with K:heart: A:spade:
      UTG calls 0.02, 1 fold, Hero raises to 0.09, BB calls 0.08, UTG calls 0.08.

      Flop (0.30) A:diamond: 6:diamond: 2:heart:
      Hero bets 0.10, BB raises to 0.28, 1 fold, Hero raises to 0.70, BB calls 0.52.

      Turn (1.90) T:club:
      Hero bets 1, BB calls 1.

      River (3.90) T:heart:
      Hero moves all-in for 1.28, BB calls 1.28

      BB shows T:diamond: 4:diamond:
      Hero shows K:heart: A:spade:

      BB wins 6.46 with Three of a kind, Ten's

      Also if I made any mistakes with the way I posted please call me on it so I can fix that for the future. For instance, is .01/.02 called NL5 (since that's the max buy-in) or NL2 since that's 100x the bb?
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    • Eclipt
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      1. Preflop - You will be first to act for the rest of your hand, what is a big disadvantage. I`d recommend making bigger raise (+1-2 BB) to drive out as many opponents as you can. Being out-of-position, you want as few opponents as possible.

      2. Flop - too small bet! You have very strong hand (top pair-top kicker), but it is possible someone has a flush draw, so you have to bet potsize in order to give them incorrect odds. If he raises, reraise him, or go directly all-in. If he called preflop with A6, or A2 - he made a huge mistake and in case you lose - you may be sure, he will give you back your money in the future :) .

      3. Turn - You shouldn`t be affraid of T. Bet between 2/3 - potsize. The situation is the same as in on flop - if he has AT or TT, he is the one who goes -EV.

      4. River - as above, but bet about 1/2 size of the pot for value.

      In this hand you are the winner. This was just a bad beat (get used to it. It will happen very often on micro-limits). I`m sure, you will get your money back from him :) .
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi heritiKyl!

      I would raise more preflop (~$0.10) to narrow the field. If you had this read on your opponent that he calls with Ax preflop you should definitely bet more on the flop (~$0.25) also to protect against flush draws. After the raise I would definitely reraise big. As played, bet ~$1.40 on the turn and even go all-in.
      If he calls you down with T4s there is nothing you can do if he gets his cards. But most of the time he won't hit and you will make profit.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • heritiKyl
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      Alright, so I guess my only problem was betting small and trying to build up a huge pot. I have to stop doing that as it has gotten me into trouble.

      I've kept that in mind the last day or so and I've been doing better. More consistent wins with big aces.