Strange Phone Call from Titan Rep?

    • STR82ACE
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      I received a strange phone call at home tonight from a Titan rep, informing me that if I played just one SnG, regardless of buyin, I would a token for a $200,000 tournament for this coming Friday. All I would have to do is play the SnG, then let online support know that I finished playing, and I would receive a token for this tournament.

      Also, if I generated only $1 in rake, I would also receive a cash prize.

      Never had an online rep call me at home. Is this normal?
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    • noclaninator
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      I got a similar phone call from Mansion poker (same poker network = ipoker) telling me there was $5 in my account and I could get a 100% deposit bonus as well. I hate ipoker so I took my $5 to a NL10 HU table fully planning on losing it by going all in blind every hand. I didn't lose it and this was the beginning of a run that would turn my $5 into $120 in 2 days. That would be me sucking up the dead money from the ipoker network.
    • STR82ACE
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      Well, being the skeptic that I am naturally, I doubted the validity of the phone call.

      Logged into Titan, played one $5.50 SnG, lost to a flush chasing donkey playing 82s in MP (glad to see some things on Titan haven't changed), and contacted online support.

      Everything was confirmed, and I have a token to the $200k tournament for this Friday. Also, if I earn only $1 in rake in seven days, I will get an additional $75 in my account.

      Easy money.
      Thanks Titan. Just may play more often now ;)
    • Shevtshenko
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      Same call from different iPoker skin. Guess it was smthing about getting a ticket to some qualifier if you participate in any sng.
    • HannesZ
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      Congratulations on the ticket.

      Please keep us updated about the tournament on Friday.

      Good luck,
    • Dublimax
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      Originally posted by STR82ACE
      I would a token for a $200,000 tournament for this coming Friday.
      I got the same thing - I am a cash player.
      But I think it is a satellite to the 200,000 tourney that takes place on sundays.
      1st and 2nd of the satellite get a token to it.

      But anyway it always fun to have free tokens.
      Titan sometimes calls when I am on holidays and dont play for a while.
      I'm going on holidays next week for 2 weeks so hopefully when I come back I'll be able to knick something :)
    • tokyoaces
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      Originally posted by STR82ACE
      I will get an additional $75 in my account.

      Easy money.
      You might ask what the clear rate for that $75. I did the math on my $50 bonus at Titan and it was less than Full Tilt rakeback. Sad but true. :f_cry:

      I do still have the $50 on Titan though. It's my emergency "went bust" fund. :D
    • dydukas
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      They called me like 4 times already, so that's no strange. Every time I withdraw they want me to deposit back offering tournament tokens, bonuses etc. Their freerolls are quite fun with 150-300 active players and 1,5-2,5k prize pools. And yeah, their bonuses clear quite slow but you can also cash out VIP points.