Journey to a SNG Life

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      Age: 21
      Sex: Male
      Location: Australia

      Currently I am a student at University. Whilst I study Internation Business and Accounting degrees full-time, I also work part-time in retail. My poker history started when i began playing live free games at our local bar. As a newly 18 year old frequenting the pub i fell into the free poker games as a means of entertainment. After a few months of not playing very well and consuming alot of alcohol I bought Phil Helmuth's poker book, studied it and started applying concepts to the poker table.

      Over the next year I moved out of home to reside further down the coast, undertaking my degrees at a different university. I occasionally hit the tables at the free events, won a few (1st prize bottle of spirits - yeow!) and made it to the end of season tournaments. I actuallycame 6th at one for $250. Whilst it wasnt a HUGE cash winning, it was decent and the feeling was unbelievable!

      Fastforward to a further year later and I rarely played poker. Throughout this time I had put money onto a Fulltilt account and gradually lost. I did not adhere to any BRM rules and played Cash games, SNGs and MTTs without in-depth knowledge of poker concepts.

      Earlier this year I was heading to Bali for a surfing trip/holiday. Scouring my bookcase for holiday reading material i stumbled upon Phil Helmuth's book once again, and threw it into my suitcase. Over the trip I purchased Colin Moshman's SNG Strategy book, and read both books over the course of our three week holiday. In between many bintangs, great food and alotta surfing mind you!

      When I got back from holidays it was straight back into university. On my off days i started playing cash games $1.20 9-man SNGs with my remaining $50 balance. I ended up going bust due to not adhering to proper concepts, my understanding of late game play and ICM was very limited. I also did not have the confidence pushing hands that should have been pushed, particularly on the bubble and high blind play.

      I studied ICM and late blind play in Colin Moshman's book once again. After analysing the amount of rake i was paying (i am currently not receiving rakeback) I decided I was mainly going to focus on playing the $1.10 45man SNGs as these are only 10% rake, compared to 20% of 9-man SNGs on FullTilt.
      I deposited $10 into FullTilt.

      I WAS a LOSING player. Over the past month I have put in a great volume of these SNGs coupled with some STT SNGs. I have been doing well and as such have successfully made ALL money back which I had previously lost, from the $10 i deposited one month ago.

      These are illustrated by the graphs below:

      Graph of Profit over entire deposit history (2-3years).

      Note: over the last 300-400 games (last month) I have pushed my total profit into the Green.

      This second graph shows the profit over the last 90 days.
      Note: the last month

      Here is a picture from holdem manager.


      - Obtain a bankroll through playing poker to move up to the $5.50 45-man SNGs and eventually, higher stakes.
      - Adhere to strict bankroll management rules.
      - Play great, profitable poker. Eventually to supplement my income.
      - Review my play, find areas that need work and plug leaks in my game.
      - Apply statistical concepts and maintain records of my tournaments/hands to review.
      - Update this blog and post key hands on forum.

      - Supplement my income through poker for my extracurricular activities. (I play guitar, piano, sing and study BJJ and Arakan martial arts).
      - Gain poker coaching: video/live.


      - Maintain at least 75 BI's at a certain level, moving down as needed. Can play $1.10 45man SNGs at any Bankroll.
      - Only move up to next level with 100 BI's.

      This allows for a 25BI swing at new level before having to move down and grinding up to a higher playable bankroll.

      The jump from $1.10 45man SNGs to $5.50 45man SNGs is huge, meaning i need a big bankroll to move up from micro to low stakes.

      TARGET: $550. (100 BI's at $5.50 45man SNG)

      I will be keeping track of all my tournament records on excel, with all relevant statistics to succesfully review my play. I will be posting these here to keep track of these and to hopefully gain feedback from you all.

      I will also be using SNGWiz and ICM Trainer to review and enhance certain parts of my play.

      This project will be officially starting tomorrow 9/9/2010. I will only be focusing on 45man SNGs to grind my new bankroll to step up to the higher limits.

      If you took the time to read this, thanks. I will be updating more as I think of stuff to add and progress with the tournaments.
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