[NL2-NL10] should I chase the draw?!?

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      hi, I could use a little help here, please..
      for example, playing SSS in a .02/.05 table, if I'm holding 67o on the BB, and I check after the SB calls (just the two of us in the hand, and supposing I have $1.70 and he has me covered), the board comes 8Q5 rainbow and he throws a pot-sized raise... the pot is giving me a 2-to-1, but my hand is 5:1

      1.- is it profitable to call considering implied odds and chase the OESD? or should I fold when playing SSS?

      2.- how about if he bets .05?

      3.- and what if we have the same scenario but with another player that limped preflop and he would be yet to act after me? can I shove here?

      Cause in the "SSS: After the flop" article says you shouldn´t continue to play an OESD if you didn´t raise pre-flop (i.e. when you´re the BB); and in this "Free-play draws" article they tell you it´s a Strong Draw and you can check/call the flop, or even invest all your chips if there are 2 more players... what´s up with that????

      The "SSS: draws in a free play" article suggests: "By contrast, you can invest all your chips if there are two more players willing to play the pot. You pay 1/3 of the pot money and receive a return of 1/3 of the pot or more (9 or more outs)."
      I don´t get this, cause I´m second to act since I´m on the BB position, so even if there´s another player, I´m not really paying 1/3 of the pot yet...

      thanks for the advice
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    • Gerv
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      1) I would just call because the pot is relatively small and you have to look more for the implied odds ;)

      2) If he bets smaller, by all means call faster ;)

      3) I think shoving is EV less profitable than calling. By maintaining a 3way pot, you can triple up opposed to doubling up

      The articles are meant for sole beginners and when you attend coachings, ask these questions in the sample hands forum or see moves made by video producers then I would expand//deviate from the articles and go from there

      Best regards,