5th out of 10279 :)

    • MIMIso
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      Just finished 250$ Party Poker freeroll. Fifth place and 7.62$ for me. :)

      I played pretty good all the way. One awfull mistake cripled me pretty much, so guess 5th was the maximum.

      I had about 1.8m chips, dealer position, first to act, holding KK

      With 50/100k blinds, I raise to 300k, both SB and BB call. Flop A 6 4. They both check. I bet 300k again(awfull move), SB pushes all in(about 2m), BB shoves aswell(something like 1.7m). So I had no other option then folding. They both had an ace, which I expected. But I got really pissed when king came on turn. If I just checked, I would probably take down ~6m pot. :f_cry:

      After that, pure surviving, always around milion chips, with 150k blinds not much I could do. Lost AK vs 88 in my last hand and it was over. :)

      Had fun tho, freerolls are pretty cool. Only bad thing is payout structure. 11th place like 0.50$, and first 40$.

      It is a bit hard to finish 11th out of 10k people.
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    • alenstrat
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      Good job. Partypoker tourneys with large fields are a variance nightmare with so many donks and fish. So it's quite a statistical accomplishment to outlast such a fishy field.
    • elhh82
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      awesome achievement.

      I would never have the patience to play a tourney like that. Will probably just to big or go broke early.