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    • ChacoChi
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      Good day to everyone.

      I'm having a problem with my PartyPoker account ChacoChi.

      Few hours ago i've made my quiz and they told me that i should await 50$ now. But i didnt read(dunno where) if my partypoker account has to be RealMoney account, or just PlayMoney account! Because when i wanna join freeroll, or something else, and i wanna do something, it tolds me:

      blabla Do you wanna activate your real money account now? Yes or no, when i click to no, nothing happens. When i click to yes, it always moving me to Deposit section!

      If someone undertand me, please help. I dont know if i'll get my 50$ bonus to PartyPoker from PokerStrategy, if it wont be Realmoney account, but its no deposit bonus, so i think it's right... i dont know, please help.. :-)

      In the Purple formular i have everything ok.
      Download - YES
      Install - YES
      Account - YES
      Register - YES
      Deposit - no.... it always moving me to this section..... but if i'll make deposit, i wont get 50$, because its no deposit bonus...

      Thanks for help ;-)
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