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Limit increasment and cashout plan

    • YourDoom
      Joined: 21.08.2010 Posts: 878
      I started playing 3 weeks ago, playing SnG and NL BSS, after quick reduction of capital to 40USD (unintentionaly entering 5 SnGs (hell it does not start, click again...) and fishplay) i had upswing then some slow grow, downswing and upswing I made it to cca 70 USD, then I violated bankroll management (rush poker (min nl5) was tempting) and moved to nl5, was break-even, then had upswing followed by downswing and huge tilt... I was back at 55 USD.

      After this I found fixed limit which is much better for me (there are no 100bb games and I am not facing important marginal decisions)

      right now I am playing FL 0.05/0.1 which is lowest at FullTiltPoker with steady gain, starting with multitabling (great thing!). To prevent violation of bankroll management, tilt consuming 1/2 of my profits and moving to limits I am not ready for I decided to make plan:

      1) FL 0.05/0.1 + cash SnGs for remaing tourney$ (not want to pay 5% fee for conversion to USD) until 100 USD
      2) cashout of 20 USD (buy something material for these and put it near monitor)
      3) FL 0.05/0.1 (4 tables) until 150 USD
      4) cashout of 30 USD (reward for beating limit)
      5) FL 0.1/0.2 (1 table) until 150 USD
      5a) if I fall to 100 USD then FL 0.05/0.1 until 150 USD
      6) FL 0.1/0.2 (max 2 tables) until 200 USD
      7) cashout of 50 USD
      8) FL 0.1/0.2 (4 tables) until 300 USD

      Any feedback and advices from people who faced this is very welcomed!
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    • konkey
      Joined: 29.12.2009 Posts: 385
      Usually it's not a good idea to cash out $X every $Y you win. For example you can be close to cashing out and you are looking forward to it, then you hit a downswing and see that you'll have to play maybe 4 more days to achieve your mark. This situation can have influence on your game and you can start playing worse. IMO better is to cash out $X every Y hands played. You will no longer care for shortterm swings. You should be able to play your A-game even if you are on a downswing.
      BUT in first place i'd reccomend you to climb some limits before cashing out. It will just slow your game improvement. However, if you are person that could be more motivated by seeing some poker-fruit in your real life, it may help you to improve. Anyway, I don't think it's a good idea to have a cashout plan.