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Time Ticking?

    • BCShad0w
      Joined: 07.06.2010 Posts: 78
      I am wondering what is your view on Time Ticking and it's uses?

      I have started to Time Tick on FTP to around to half or below the half way line on my Time. I may even click TIME if Im acting very slow.

      I have only played it every hand like it for 3 games. Two games I've had my pocket pairs cracked by higher pairs or + and my last game I had 4 clubs come down to beaten by a flush. [not claiming bad beats, claiming variance and sometimes my own fish play]

      However, in all of these games, I have seen great benefits and great table image. I've been able to raise or reraise for players to fold to win the pot and if I have been called, its generally by someone an A or pocket pairs.

      I've had people voice their opinion of their frustration because of my style of play, which is great because it's effecting those Im playing against. As soon as they comment on it, I switch it to rapid play to throw them off.

      So, what is your opinion on Time Ticking? Is it good, bad etc.


      [Time Ticking is a term Im new too, so for all you who do not use the term or never used it: It's when your timer counts time before a player make a move, every hand, every flop, turn and river. Well, this is the case on FTP for the games Ive seen it done, and for when I've used it!]
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi BCShad0w,

      I only use it occasionally to be honest as it can be annoying to others and I must admit I also find it frustrating when others constantly use it. It's not so much throwing people off their game, more just messing with the flow of the game e.g. turning a good structured tournament into a turbo crapshoot one.

      It's obviously extremely useful on the approach to the bubble (or next ladder step) on an mtt, just prior to hand for hand and where you're perhaps last with no half decent hand to double through on.

      The other time I employ it occasionally is as a "false-tell", e.g. If a bluff/semi-bluff goes wrong but I want to maintain a tight table image, I will run the clock for a short while and then fold indicating a tough decision with a strong hand whereas I actually held nothing and was always going to fold etc. If you insta-fold they know you were trying it on, but by appearing to think about it, they are more likely to be cautious going over the top of you in future.

      The timing of a bet, call or fold (how long a player takes to action a move) in online tournaments can be a powerful tell, trust me I've used it for years as I don't run any software or HUD or scope or anything. Ofc, you need to watch the players carefully for several circuits so best when playing a single tournament (not multi-tabling).
      Believe me, some of the online tells you get are as obvious as a live tournament player sitting bolt upright in his seat rubbing his hands with glee at the sight of pocket rockets :D

      Oops getting a bit off topic, will be equally as interested in others views, nice thread BC, thanks for posting :P

      Best regards,

    • Jehudas
      Joined: 15.05.2008 Posts: 207
      I think it's more of a bad habbit...
      Sometimes, when I play a non-turbo MTT/SnG and reach the FT and the action there is diminishing I start time-ticking a little.

      My approch is to use the time wisely - sometimes insta-checking/raising can induce bluffing whereas a "well thought about" 3-bet can really give you some credibility.

      I wouldn't stress time-ticking though and would refrain from letting the "time warning" beep every single hand. Just my 2cents :P

      EDITH says:
      Time-ticking on the bubble is a spendid technique
      Wanted to add, that when I bluff and get 3-betted I normally take some time to pretend thinking in order to disguise the bluff before - can work well together with some chat action :s_evil: