how do i register a new room?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Neil,

      The full list of available poker rooms is in the following link for you.

      Just need to select which one you would like to join (and haven't previously held an account with) and then make sure you read the download guide carefully. On some it is vital that you actually use the download link provided, whilst most require you to input the PokerStrategy marketing code. Take care in reading carefully before proceeding to ensure that you are fully tracked.

      I've just re-read your question and if you meant "how am I able to retrack my existing account to PokerStrategy?" I'm afraid this isn't possible.
      You are only able to receive PokerStrategy points on new accounts set up using the PokerStrategy link and marketing codes. Poker rooms do not allow the retracking of any existing account you already hold.

      Any problems, just shout.

      Best regards,