loosing strike on NL10

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    • SPwoodrose
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      If you've been losing with your big hands I would mostly put it down to variance. Atm your sample size is fairly small and a 3BI swing is practically nothing, trust me :P

      Stats look OK from what I can see. You might want to open up your 3betting range a little more though, your 3bet% is really low... have you been flatcalling with AA/KK/QQ at all?
    • MatejM47
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      Well this looks more like a semi-bad session then a downswing. Its only 4k hands and your down 2BIs. Nothing to worry about.
    • chessmaster1234
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      Maybe your playing with bad brm so you think you lost a lot. But 2 buyins under ev is nothing at all. 10 or more is frustrating .
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Whats up with your 3bet%? Although a nothing sarmple, this % is still very low. Should be like trebble what it is.
    • bbosstjan
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      well...My start BR was 50$, so it is a bad BR management, however I'm clearing the 100$ free bonus, so I actually released 20$ in bonus and made about 12$ in rake in these 4,5k hands, so I'm 10$ in positive side.

      Hopefully this swing turns up so I can increase BR to safer zone so I can finally start making 100bb buyins. So I have quite a long way to go till 200$.

      I promise to work on my 3-bet stats... ;)
    • oxygenwong
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      this is nothing

      I lost more than 17 BI with my HM telling me that my ev is+20 42k hands in 1 week, beginning sept
      I play Nl10 at PS
    • bbosstjan
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      lol...I only play 4 tables at a time...I can't handle more at this moment. I have more to learn before trying something like that. The most I've played were 6 tables but that makes my tables very small and I'm having trouble following the action....

      maybe when I go to 1k$ I'l buy me a 24" screen..lol

    • OZSA
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      I'm down 20buyin after 4k hands, and ev difference is 25buyin..man..ur graph is just a dream for me..
    • bbosstjan
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      I'm happy to say the graph is starting to turn around.... :s_biggrin:

      Hopefully the trend will stay positive for a long run. I've also increased the hand input and switched to 6 tabling, which is max. my monitor can still clearly represent.

      In addition I've cleared 30$ bonus and another 12$ in rakeback. yay...