playing small pairs pre flop

    • NeilSimpson
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      i am currently playing NL100 sh....because it is short handed i raise to my standard 4bb from all positions with fine with that because when some1 calls me out of position i can usually take the pot down without flopping a question is about when i get 3 bet pre flop...if i raise to 4 and get 3 bet its usually to 11/12/13...provided there are no other players left to act i normally flat call here provided the opponent has a full stack to try and flop a set and win a big pot...i'm not sure if this is correct or should i be folding certain pp's pre flop to a 3 bet? i will always 4 bet qq+ and sometimes 1010 and jj depending on the player...sometimes il play them like the smaller pairs if im up against a tag. opinions and advice most welcome!thanks...Neil
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    • DecMate
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      If you're getting odds then call the 3B but if not then don't. If you know the player is 3betting loose from the button then there is no point in even calling because when you do flop a set they often don't hold anything to put more cash in.

      All in all, i usually fold to a 3bet because on the flop it's usually check/fold when you don't hit and check/raise when you do, and when you do hit they usually fold.

      I usually 3x as well, 4xing seem's a waste of a buck when you get 3bet and fold IMO.