Let me tell you about my problem first. I have a decent bankroll that would allow me to play the 16$ 18 Men Sng with a conservative BRM and still being a little overrrolled. But I waste my time playing the 3.40$ games.

I am not quite sure why I still play so low but I think there is something wrong with my mindset.

To get my mindset straight I decided to setup limits where I start to move up. So I cashed out most of my money and left 200 Buyin for the 3.40$ games = 680$

With 150 Buyin for the next limit I will move up.

975$ -> Buyin 6.50$
2400$ -> Buyin 16$
4050$ -> Buyin 27$

I play something like 15 to 20 games at a time and am still working to increase this.

As I do have a fulltime job I only manage to play 70 to 100 games per day.

I have decided to setup this blog just to put a little preasure on myself and also to keep track of my progress.
Additionally it gives me the chance to find other players (maybe you) to talk about this and other stuff.

I am not quite sure yet how often I will update. But at least once a week should be fine.