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Blind steals vs Passive play?

    • Monarc2010
      Joined: 14.08.2010 Posts: 51
      I still find myself being too passive with my blind steals.
      Just have a hard time going all in with those medium size hands for the blind steal.
      After months where I played only what was recommend, now that i am trying to implement blind steals into my game, I find myself stressing over
      the medium sized hands or suited connectors. Even when all indicators say its good time for blind steal-

      I need to do this if I want to go deeper in MTT's, however I always seem to go on the safe side, that and protecting my blinds.

      Anyone have any tips on getting over this?
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    • SSSC2NV
      Joined: 29.03.2009 Posts: 136
      I found myself getting past this by playing in tourneys that werent outside of my BR... ie.. not feeling like if I get knocked out its the end of the world. Previously I would stress over small plays because I was playing tourneys that were outside of my BR, not a good combo!

      Good luck and keep on grinding!

      I recently just won my first big tourney.. $3.30 to get in.. a $3 add on at break.. $620.40 for 1st :) .. pretty good ROI for 4.25hrs!
    • Monarc2010
      Joined: 14.08.2010 Posts: 51
      That was time well spent, I would say! Congrats, may it be the first of many more!

      Yes playing MTT that are inside you BRM is very important!
      I been guilty of doing that played 2.40 MTT instead of the 1.20... just to see how much different it was...not much different.....just lost an extra 1.2

      I find myself wanting to win every tourney, that I play too safe. I still has not regestered in my thick skull that even the best of the best only win about 10% or less of their MTT's

      Been rereading all the articles again, picking up on little things i did not the first read threw.....guess this constant review of materials is helpfull..

      Thnks for your input...nice to know others have gone threw this!
    • MIMIso
      Joined: 16.02.2010 Posts: 63
      Safest and most exploitable time is bubble zone. Just make sure you don't hit big stacks, they will not give up their blinds that easy.

      What you can also do, to make it easier, is play super tight before the bubble zone, and then when you steal blinds with any two cards, they will easily fold to your tight image.

      I don't know about higher MTT's, but in micros, most of the people think the main goal is to make it ITM(which means investing 2$ and wining 3$).

      I don't really care if we are in bubble zone or not, no matter of my stack. Final table is the main goal, ITM means nothing.