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btn raise range vs SB raise range

    • Rui8386
      Joined: 07.04.2010 Posts: 68
      hi,i check the 6max open raise chart,and it suggests more looser open raise from SB than from btn

      i know loose up or tight up my steal range depending on diffirent player,but nomally my own SB raise range is tighter than BTn because oop

      if i has j5(the chart suggestted) at SB,facing loose peel player, the borad is like 4QT6,i maybe fire the turn and maybe the good river,and the three barrels cost a lot money. :f_frown:

      sure when at SB,we have money in pot
      but oop play maybe cost more,win less and lose more

      so what do you think?need suggestion
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    • Foxxxen
      Joined: 04.12.2007 Posts: 3,428
      The reasons we open more from SB than BU is that we get a better price for a raise and also we are only facing one opponent instead of two.

      It is certainly uncomfortable to play oop like this, but practice makes perfect and as you move up in levels it gets more important to beable to master this play.

      Sure, we are going to loose a lot of the times when we barrell and he calls down, but we are also going to win alot. My advice is to not loose any sleep over the times you loose, it happens often and there is nothing inherently wrong to that. But remember also that every opponent is different and of course we need to adapt our c-bets to the situation. Be advised that the best waw to improve is to post hands in the forums. You got a problem with SB stealing situations? Then post 10 such hands per day until you get it right.

    • Rui8386
      Joined: 07.04.2010 Posts: 68
      thx,very helpful advice :f_love: