WHAT is the catch?

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    • andreibalint
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      The idea is that you need to take the quiz. If you take the quiz from what you really learned you are probably at least a breakeven player (that is you won't loose or win anything in the worst case).

      But the catch is that while you play you generate rake (comissions your poker rooms take, 1c for every 20c for cash and 10% or 20% in tourrnaments).

      So let's say you discover pokerstrategy.com. Through here you make an account at Pokerstars. At pokerstars you make rake. Because you found out about Pokerstars from pokerstrategy.com Pokerstars give to pokerstrategy.com a part of the rake you make and this way they recover the 50$+ a hell of a lot more.

      It may feel that the rake is small but in some cases you make more rake then your winrate. I started to play for real with what i learned here. I make almost 20$ rake / every hour i play. If my poker room would be made through pokerstrategy.com, think about how much money they would make.

      Initially, with the 50$ i generated about 600$ rake on a room tracked by pokerstrategy.com, i don't know exactly how much is theirs but it seems >50$.

      Keep in mind there are players making a lot of rake (the diamonds), we're talking about thousands (even 10k+) per month.
    • bumblesquash
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      I see how long till I get my bankroll mate. I passed the quiz.