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Norwegian from Norway's Poker Adventures

    • jonmathias
      Joined: 10.09.2010 Posts: 5
      Hi everybody.

      I used to play a lot of poker.

      I could sit for hours day in and day out grinding the small stakes cash games at

      I also played every freeroll I could ever find on various sites. Once I even won 20 dollars!

      One day there was a free poker tournament in Oslo, and a Norwegian poker forum asked for dealers.
      They would be paid $100 buck.
      I volunteered even though I had never dealt cards in my entire life.
      They discovered that pretty quickly because of my lack of speed on the table, and I was replaced after about fourty minutes.
      however they still paid me $100.
      Into an account at Ultimatebet Poker or whatever the nams is.
      They were a party poker skin.

      Suddenly I had real money to play with.
      I quickly found my way to the 10+1 tables and actually did ok.
      After a few weeks I was up to over 300!


      Unfortunately I decided to throw those avay at expensive big tournaments that I never made it into the money in, and when I had about a hundred left I went to a cash game and lost it in an all in hand.
      I've never visited that poker room since.

      The next time I decided to play poker I found a freeroll at expect.
      I finished in the money and won $1.20!
      I sat down at a mico nl cash game with my winnings and was dealth AJ and went all in. I quickly got called with AK. Fortunately a J came and I doubled up.
      Over the next months I turned that two and a half dollars into more than 200.
      However, I got bored and decided to cash out.
      My estimate is that I had made about ten cents per hour.

      Later, I heard from somewhere that they were planning to have a live Norwegian Poker Championship in Sweden. $1000 buyin. They couldn't have it in Norway because it's illegal to play poker for real money on Norwegian soil.
      Anyway, there was a freeroll on expekt. That lead to another freeroll that led to an expensive satelite. To make the story short I won all three and had to drive all the way to Sweden to play live for the first, and still last, time of my life.
      We started with 10 000 chips.
      I read somewhere that it was a good idea to take chances in the beginning of a tournament since everyone is cautious and don't want to get a bad start.
      So I played loose and won a few small pots.
      Soon I found myself heads up with BB from late position.
      The flop was K77. I decided to slowplay my monster.
      Turn: Some random card.
      BB bets big! 2000 or something like that!
      I remember what I had learned about taking chances, took a chance, and went all in!
      After a closer examination of the cards on the table, I discover that there is a King of hearts. A seven of hearts. And some random heart.
      How I managed to stay calm and sit quietly and wait for ten minutes until BB decides to fold his A9 of hearts is my biggest poker achievement to date.

      Everything went smoothly for a few hours, and when I got lucky on the river when I had gone all in with A8 against AJ (after an AAX flop) to hit my full house, I had something like 60 000 chips and I am absolutely without a doubt certain that I must have been chip leader. I think. Maybe not. I was doing well.

      However, people at my table "pegged" me as the fish, and never respected my pre flop raises (of which there were many).
      So I found myself 30 minuted before day one with only 12 000 chips left.
      I decided that I didn't want to sleep in the car only to start with the same amount as everyone started the day with, so I started going all in.
      Amazingly, nobody called me. I guess it must have something to do with the fact that they didn't want to loose chips so close to the end of the day.
      I ended the day with 22 000 and all my friends were really impressed.

      The next day I was seated at a new table.
      There were a lot of nervous, tight, shortstacked people and the blinds were getting really high.
      So I decided to gamble and try and steal the blinds whenever I saw an opportunity.
      If I should have any chance of reaching the money (top30) I would have to win a lot of blinds and hope to double up at least two times.
      Everyone folded all the time, so I was up to 28000.
      Then I got AK!
      I raised 5000 and a guy pushed all in and I called.
      He also had AK.
      Great. Split pot.
      Three diamonds.
      I don't have any diamonds.
      The other guy? Phew, only one.
      A deuce.
      Of diamond!


      I finished as number 103.
      A few places behind Christian Ødegaard, the show host of the Norwegian "Dancing With The Stars" version.

      And that pretty much sums up my ancient poker history.
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    • jonmathias
      Joined: 10.09.2010 Posts: 5
      I played a 30+3 tournament on Fulltilt the other day and I am writing here to get some feedback on my play.

      Starting chips 5000.
      I was playing on only this one table. So it was difficult to fold enough. Therefore I played pretty loose in the beginning and won a few small pots uncontested.

      I called UTG with KJ offsuit.
      A guy in middle position raised. Ca 4 BB I think. It was the first hand he played in the tournament. Everybody folds, I call.
      Flop: QJ4 rainbow.
      I check. He bets pot. I call.
      Bad call? I guess.
      Turn: 7
      Check, he bets a bit less than the pot this time. I call again.
      River: K
      He bets, And I was considering raising all in, but I was afraid of QQ so I decieded to call and he shows AA and I have more than 8000 chips, but have lost the respect of the entire table because of my idiotic play.
      I should have gone all in?
      obciously I should have folded to his raise. Or perhaps just folded the hand?

      A few minutes later. A late position guy call. Everyone folds to me in SB. I have KQ so I decide to try and steal the pot with a 4BB raise.
      BB fold and the limper calls.

      Flop: three random low cards. I make a big contionuation bet. and he calls.
      Turn: random low card: New big bet, new call.
      River: Another random low. No flush draw on the table.
      I decide to make a big bluff attempt and raises until I only have 5000 chips left.
      The other guy goes all in.
      I fold.

      Later: I'm a bit above 5000 again due to loose play.
      I'm in BB.
      Gets 77.
      Middle position guy raises Ca 4BB.
      I think about it for a second, and calls.

      Flop: J97!

      I raise, he reraises. I think: Wow, he has AJ or AA!
      I go all in.
      Is this a good play?

      Later I'm down to a thousand.
      I go all in with Q7 offsuit.
      Everyone folds.

      BB: TT.
      Only limpers. I check.
      Flop is low. 6 high.
      I go all in and get called by 88 and am back to 2500+.

      Then I get Q5 in SB. I call. Fourhanded pot.
      Flop: Q53.
      I go all in and gets called by the guy to my right.
      He has KQ.
      I win the pot and am back over 5000!

      I write in the chat:
      Very unlike that I should get that.
      He replies:
      U think ure good or sumthing?

      I politely replies that I only was trying to say that I understood his call since I had played very loose and that he was very likely to have the best hand.
      But the damage was already done to our relationship.

      From now on, he, and the guy who lost with 88 to my TT would call or raise (almost)every hand I was in.

      I'm on the button and gets KK!
      two limpers.
      I decide to "induce a big bluff" and go all in.
      Unfortunately noone wants to gamble and they all fold.

      The next hand: TT again! I raise. the two angry guys + BB calls.
      Flop: 3of hearts, 8spade, TEN spade.

      The pot os something like 280. I bet 350. Everyone must think I'm just a stupid maniac so I was hoping to get an all in raise.
      However, everyone folds again.

      But I'm over 6000 and things are suddenly ok.
      The Q5, KK and TT hands were dealth to me in a row.

      I lay low until I get 99 UTG.
      I am very unsure about what to do.
      I decide to min raise. BB is now 100. So I make it two.
      I get fours callers, including the two angry guys.

      pot is 850.

      Flop: Ah6h5s

      I make a bet of 400 in case nobody has an ace.
      One angry guy folds.
      Random caller folds.
      BB angry guy reraises to 2000!
      He must be really pissed.
      I decided to call him.

      Turn is 7.
      He bets half his remaining stack!
      I think about it for five seconds, and says: I hope he doesn't have anything!
      And go ALL IN!
      How stupid am I really?

      If anybody has some advice I would apprechiate it very much.