low buy-in sngs, FT vs PS?

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      Hi all,

      I've been playing the non-turbo 9 man $5+$0.5 SNGs at Full tilt for a while now, and my bonus is running out soon. So I was wondering if it would be profitable to maybe switch to PS to play equivalent SNGs while clearing out a new bonus. Now I've been reading up on the PS VIP program and it seems like it is worse than full tilts 27% rakeback + the FPPs to buy tickets and such (unless you reach supernova which would seem awesome, though not really within my reach), but maybe the first deposit bonus would make up for it.

      So what I'm really pondering is that what status at PS should I be expecting to get if I play on average 10 (maybe 20 on weekends) SNGs every day? Is there any real difference between the SNGs skillwise and such? And in general, any advice on whether or not it would seem like a profitable choice to move over to PS would be very well appreciated.

      Thanks in advance to any contributions,

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