won $1050 Wcoop ticket! :D

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      yep yep!!

      played a $27 2x shootout a bit out of BRM but it had $400 overlay :tongue:
      1 seat gtd!
      there were 26 registered but i was one of the luky ones and played heads up

      turbo starting with 50bb

      key hands

      1st round:
      5th hand i got 99 and raised for third time in a row on the button and get 3bet
      i ship he calls and shows 66 and i held up

      2nd round:
      i picked up AA in MP and raised 3x and BB called
      flop 942ss, he checks, i c bet 2/3, he ships i call and he shows 53
      i hold up vs 6 outs

      i get KK in BB and loose MP2 raises 3x and reraise 3x he ships i call he shows QQ and i hold up vs 2 out

      i shove from button with KJ as blinds had 10bb and BB calls with 99 and i lost the flip

      i pick up JJ and raise from CU and BU calls
      flop T42ss, i cbet 2/3 he ships for 3.5x my cbet and i call
      he shows 65s for flush draw and gutshot
      i am still slight favourite and hold up for double up

      I am heads up with even stack and 25BB
      I get AQs and villain raised 2.8x and i shipped and he called
      he showed A8s but i hold up on flop 99742

      EASY GAME!! :D

      also today i won a 714bb pot on 200bb deep tables on fulltilt but only NL10
      bottom set vs top 2 but he was a big fish
      earlier i won 250BB vs him AKs vs AQo all in preflop

      happy dayz! :D :D :D
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