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Which is weaker ?

    • SonicXT
      Joined: 15.06.2007 Posts: 4,736
      I've been playing BSS NL5 and SSS NL 10 for while now.

      Is it just my perception, or is the average level and number of fishes on the NL10 tables even greater than on NL5 ? Most people who don't know anything about poker seem to start at NL10 ...

      I was just wondering :)
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    • Xzorius
      Joined: 05.07.2007 Posts: 44
      I know something abouth poker and i play on NL 10. :P

      I have like 160$ so i should be playing on NL 5 but i just realy can't play on those tables.

      It's stupid to like make a bet of 0.12 and such. It's just not satisfieing (i don't know how you write that word) enough for me. So i think i'll do better on NL 10, eventhough my Bankroll is a bit short.

      Anyway, there are a lot of fish on NL 10 but it doesnt realy change my game. I use the strategy i learned from this site mixed with some of my own experience and i keep strictly by that. Only if i realy realy realy see someone playing like an idiot, i will punish em.
    • Laurenz1988
      Joined: 26.09.2007 Posts: 180
      not really a big diffrence in skill level there, altho is pokerroom depened. Skill level goes up once u go 25NL+