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    • Pocketz777
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      Hello, I received PS starting capital at FTP (thx again guys), but unfortunately I signed between may and july 30th so it seems I am not entitled to the 27% rakeback offer till I deposit my own money, while people who signed on different date are already raking back from starting capital, ok life's not fair I get it, I'm cool with it lol.

      It's been over 3 months since I received starting capital (time given to clear it at the moment I signed), I read after that time whatever remained in my account would be mine, so 30 bucks still there (got some bad beats and didn't play for a long long time, I mostly played like a week or less :P ) but I only got like 67 full tilt points in my account. so...

      Do I still have to get 1000ftp and THEN deposit and THEN clear first deposit bonus, so I can star receiving rakeback each week?

      If I can deposit and already start receiving rakeback, how much will be deducted from clearing the bonus, if so?

      I got 15 pokerstrategy points, so it means in theory I'd have like 7 USD rake and therefore 27% = 1.89 usd of rakeback? Are PS points a good way to calculate it?

      Hoping to get much more involved in the world of online poker and earn lots of points, knowledge, and why not, some money lol. Any help appreciated, thx.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Pocketz777,

      You can deposit anytime from when you first register, you do not need to wait for your free starting capital to clear first.

      You must deposit within 180 days however if you wish to gain the 100% matching bonus on your deposit and receive rakeback, so don't leave it too late.

      The value of any bonus you are clearing is deducted from your gross rake. Any net rake left over would receive a rakeback payment (27% of the net rake). A rolling credit/debit balance is used so as soon as you've cleared the bonus from your rake you will automatically receive rakeback.

      There is no easy way to calculate rake earnt, ftp points/PokerStrategy points give you an indication but it's not 100% accurate. The best thing to do is to actually forget about your points etc. Rakeback is automatically earnt and paid out once a week so is always a nice surprise/bonus on a friday (or shortly after).

      Further details are available in the rakeback sticky thread:

      If you do have any other questions however, don't hesitate to shout.

      Best regards,