when should i play a higher limit, which now i cant win there?

    • Trinchera
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      I analyzed my stats on pokertracker and I have noticed that if I play on higher levels than nl200 I lose. On NL100 my BB/100 is 4.39 in about 150 k hands, on nl200 is 2.41 in about 250 k hands, this means that is much profitable for me to play nl200, well in nl400 is -1.5 in about 60 k hands and on higher levels is much worse. Well, how can I know when should I play nl400, its not only about bankroll, now I have around $29 k and I think its enough for playing nl400 but I fell that I cant be a winner over nl200.
      The last week i won a lot on nl200 and I thought that I had improved my game style so I decided to play nl400 and I lost all I had won in 2 weeks only in 3 days. The question, which I have been wondering a lot is when should I play nl400 or maybe never?
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Trinchera!

      Where the hell are you playing if you are still a bronze member? Maybe you should choose one of our partner sites. Maybe you are beating NL400 there?! ;)

      Just kidding. I recommend that you read books and articles about advanced play and watch some videos from the higher limits. In addition: post hands, post hands, post hands....and discuss them! That is the most important part which a lot of players underestimate. I hope this helps.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Laurenz1988
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      Theres a huge gap between 200NL and 400NL, at 200NL u can win pretty much by playing straight forward. I suggest u stick at 200NL, and take some shots now and then.