Moving up to $10 + $1

    • Trbst
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      Hi guys,

      Just moved to the $10+$1 SNGs which for me is a huge achievement. I started with $60 USD and now I've got 50 BI for the $10+$1.

      I wanted to know however, do you reckon there's a big difference in players' skill from $5 to $10 on PokerStars.

      What tips is it you can give in regard to that specific limit (as I know each has it's own). Any suggestions here would be of help as I really wanna sustain my ROI on the $10 just as I do on the $5.

      Thanks a ton !
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    • Hlynkinn
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      The skill level goes up a bit.. But no dramatic changes in the games dynamic imo...
      But it's a long long time since I played either the 5's =)
      I guess the jump is pretty similar to the 2's and 5's..
    • santostr
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      I play turbos. The main change I saw moving from $6.5 to $12 was the number of regs/table.
      Now I sometimes see 3 or 4 regs at a table, while that almost never happend in the $6.5.

      The fish are the same, regulars a bit better and in bigger quantity.
      Didn't change much the way I play in general....