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    • gladysst
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      Hello everyone, I'm a new recruit and would like to say how informative I've found the site so far. Just one little thing that I've picked up on. I've got a little previous experience and consider myself to be fairly decent at MTT's. However, when looking for videos on the subject, there are very few, if any that are available for anyone with a ranking under gold. I've no doubt that I'll gain sufficient points along the way to access these videos soon enough, but my point is that these videos are a tool to help people improve their game. Newbies and less experienced players could benefit greatly from access to a video or two at Bronze or Silver level on MTT strategy. Is there any possibility of making one or two for this level of subscriber?

      Best wishes to all.
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    • Hadi
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      I'll pass this feedback on to our video guys :) However, considering our current promotion with which you earn 10 extra SP for every day on which you get 1, Gold level should be fairly easy to achieve.