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dealing with bad beat streaks

    • martoman2k10
      Joined: 27.08.2010 Posts: 669
      Hey, I'm still fairly new to the game - wouldn't consider myself a terrible fish though. I know bad beat happen and we've to just deal with them but what happens when you get a few over a short period of time (I dont really multitable so the chances of me suffering a bad beat are lower).

      Today, I played the usual cash games as well as a couple of freerolls. Bad beats that got me pretty pissed off:

      1) Cash game,sixhanded. I'm playing nothing but tight maybe one or two blind steals here and there. I wake up with a hand, AA. Raise, re-raise,re-re-raise and all-in. Opponent had KK. Flopped himself a King and won.

      2) Freeroll #1. I'm not really paying attention to the game, yes my fault, I know. AKs, I decide to raise. Re-raised and shoved on him. AKs(clubs) vs QJs(hearts)

      Flop comes AKX with Ace and king of hearts. I'm still favourite to win. He rivers his flush.

      3) Freeroll #2. I haven't played a single hand and decide to defend my big blind with QTo. Rainbow flop 3T7. I'm on just under 2k chips and the CL and only other person in the hand, has 7k. He makes a play at the flop, and I, probably on tilt decide to shove on him. Now I really put him on any two cards and thought he was just making a move due to the chip stacks. Well, I was half right. He had a good hand - 99. I'm not really blaming his call here. Another two outer and another river suckout against me.

      4) Cash game, sixhanded. I'm low on chips (about 17 BB, not VERY low but lowest on the table). I had KK. Blinds at 0.01/0.02. Early position raises to 0.06. I re-raise to 0.10 - did want a customer and that's why I priced him in. He raises enough to make me all in. I snap call him obviously. He turns over 66. Now, this is the fun part. I ACTUALLY expected him to flop a set and he did.

      Again, I know that, mathematically bad beats happen. Any tips on dealing with such bad streaks? I'm thinking I'll take a few weeks off poker or something because now I'm playing to cover my losses, believing I won't get smashed by a two outer or something.

      Thanks for any input guys
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    • huyphan
      Joined: 09.02.2009 Posts: 12
      turn off the computer, go out for 15 minutes, whining with someone or something for a while and then forget it and move on :)

      that what i did yesterday when AA/KK and TPTK constantly get beat by set or quad, well these things just happen
    • Rokgg
      Joined: 22.10.2009 Posts: 11
      Ohh there are so many bad beads. i lost with KK, KK, XX, AA all that in 4 hands in a row at one table, i just shaked my head and play on, and that day was very sucessfull :D But truy what I want to say is, play your A game as much as possible, try to tilt less, i got used to bad beats i startet to tilt less and when i got used to it, I STARTED PLAYING MUCH BETTER, i just reavaluate hand and if i got suckout i pokerstove it and say to my self, next time ill win and next time again and again :D Be with pozitive minds at the teble and ull be go(o)d there :D
    • BOBOsvk
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      V O L U M E
    • supeyrio
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    • HannesZ
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 16,323
      Hi martoman2k10,

      Every poker player knows bad beats and no one really likes them. However without bad beats bad players won't play, because they just will lose. ;)

      Set yourself a stop-loss limit. For example you lose more than 3 stacks, you stop playing. Especially when you have the feeling that you can't play your A game any more, I recommend you to take a break.

      Or you can start tilting like the one in the video above, but this would just increase your losings, because you need to buy a new monitor. :(

      Good luck,
    • MikeAK47
      Joined: 11.03.2008 Posts: 136
      A) You call these bad beats?

      B) Two of them were tournaments, now even if you have the best hand every time you're all in a tourney, you've got to get VERY lucky and have all of your hands hold up and win the tournament (unlikely) so most of the time you'll go out on a beat, big deal.

      Bad beats are part of poker and without them there wouldn't be anywhere near as many bad fish as there are, imagine the hand ended with the dealer saying "right this hand was the statistical favorite at this point, hand over you win", no turn, no river, this wold be TERRIBLE for all of the good players in the game as the fish would lose all of their money so fast that they'd just give up and play BlackJack or whatever, at least they have a chance of winning!

      This is just something you've got to learnt to accept and FAST as poker wouldn't be the same without bad beat, cherish them, learn to love them as they are a big part of why fish keep playing! The faster you learn to accept this part of the game the quicker you can keep on playing you A game and WIN SOME MONEY!
    • L3ST
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 413
      I'd suggest switching platforms to a smaller one. I've been taking brutal bad beats on Full Tilt while running hot on iPoker and the other way around. Spread your bankroll on two platforms and things should work just fine.

      Another way would be to try Fixed Limit or other variations of poker ( 7-card Stud worked for me for a while ).
    • joecar
      Joined: 09.04.2008 Posts: 347
      Molson Canadian
    • PatMood
      Joined: 19.03.2008 Posts: 35
      Don't ever min raise. It always gives the opponent the odds to draw, plus anyone that is watching you will note that when you min raise, you're strong. Ultimately making you lose action.
      Also, your beats aren't that bad.