Playing only 6max type games

    • KidPokersKid
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      Is this a viable strategy? The reason I ask is because I am also playing 6max cgs and when I play FR mtts i feel I am playing too tight or too loose being that my brain is used to 6max ranges... I know that the pool of games are very small but between the big 2 I think it is possible to regularly get in volume at least in the small stakes games up to like $20. I know that variance will increase BUT I feel I have a larger edge (than in FR) since the other players are usually plain awful.

      On a side note anyone know any good books on this topic.
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    • muebarek
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      Sure. Why not, if this suits your style better. If you play on enough sites to always have some running, this shouldn't be a problem. You'll miss out a lot of juicy 9max tourneys with big pricepools though.
    • Tiltberger
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      if you feel better on 6max you should def. play them. if you have fishes at your tables 6max is really cool, because you get involved into more hands with the bad players than at 10handed or 9handed tables.
      But as there aren't that much 6max tourneys and a lot of very profitable fullring tourneys out there, you should try to learn to play fullring tourneys profitable as well.
    • Chenghao
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      ryan fee's 6 max guide , a sLAG approach to 6max
    • xmarukox
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      I think there is a BIG difference in the strategy applied in playing 6max or 9+ one.

      Personally, i think those who played 6 are much aggressive than 9...the blinds r coming soon, lots more actions required instead of chip stake being eaten up by the blinds...

      i switched to play 9+ already...