Question about strategy points and rake.

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      Hey everyone.

      I'm new to online poker and first want to thank you for $50 you gave me and let me try it out.

      I played for a few days and if I continue like this will be silver before the weekend. Now I don't understand how your strategy points work. Of course I looked at and got some info from there but there are few points I don't understand.

      On FullTilt $1 = 2 SP. so my questions:
      - How is rake calculated? I didn't find on FTP the amount of rake I generate. Is that a percent of my winning hands or percent of playing hands?
      - What about S&Gs? If I play those I don't get any SP or you count entry fee?
      - I get 10 strategy point under Special Bonuses every day. What is this? Where that coming from?

      That's it for now, thanks in advance.
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