big pairs killing me!

    • NeilSimpson
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      in the last week or so ive been getting crushed at the tables....all down to 1010+! i had AA 9 times over 2 sessions all in pre flop against KK QQ JJ 1010 and all 9 times got sucked out!and yet everytime i have KK against AA i havent hit.... i understand it happening now and again but every single time is just becoming demoralising....ive tried not to tilt and tried to keep playing good when this is happening its just impossible to not have a losing session....ive lost about 40% of my BR in this time and im fighting hard to stop the trend....everytime now i grind up and then lose a big pot with aces and go right back down! even flops of k q 10 when i have qq and someone has aj is a regular occurance and the best was with kk....3 betting a guy pre....who calls...donk bets a flop of a k which i re raise..and he calls...he check calls a pot sized bet on the turn which was a 4 and pushes on the river which was a Q....with no flush out i couldnt possibly assume he had j10 so i shoved them wrong was i? just ridiculus..running so bad!
      just wanted a rant!cheers!
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    • jass1960
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      welcome to my world ?(
    • Monarc2010
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      My friend take a couple of days off!
      i feeel your pain, i had it so bad i would dream about it!
      Then to make it worse you see some other guy going all in with 22 and winning huge pots! That makes you feel even worse! WHy does he win with that and I lose with AA KK 9 times in a row!

      Even if you try and stay calm it is always in the back of your mind!
      and you end up not being on top of your game!

      It might be hard to stop playing for a couple of days, but you need to get away from poker, do some other things.
      Then read some articles, watch videos and then go at it again!

      You wont forget the bad beats but at least you put some distance between them!

      Its just my 2 cents worth!
    • joecar
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      About 3 weeks ago I had AA busted by KK by the same player at the same table twice in 76 hands. Unreal.
    • rhyshowe360
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      dude i know exactly how you feel, i lost all my bankroll last week. losing full stacks with exact same things you did, even a KK v K8 and the flop came K 6 4 offsuit, he bets, i raise, he goes all in obviously i call. next 2 cards were 5 and 7. and even 3 times in a row where someone hitting there set on the last card with pre flop all in with AA v QQ or KK. i put it into the equliser and it came up 4.6% chance of them winning!! and it happened 3 times. so ya we all go through that stage but today i doubled my bankroll and having the best day ive ever had so dont forget there are ups with the downs and ya just take a break and do something else to take ya mind off it. it helps way more then you think!!
    • rhinoneil
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      Its hard to take, but this does happen quite a lot. Usually overpairs are about 80/20 to win but they dont tell you that the 20 often comes all in one go and you are right, it is demoralising.
      My advice would be to carry on but maybe drop down a level or 2 until you play your way out of a bad luck streak.
      I also think that you should post individual hands for review so that you can get some feedback on if you could have played the hands differently
    • LuborC
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      The reason you are losing actually isn't your AA and the like getting cracked. The reason is that you started playing bad because of that.

      Take a break and don't come back to the tables until you are really hungry for it!
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      Originally posted by rhyshowe360
      so dont forget there are ups with the downs and ya just take a break and do something else to take ya mind off it. it helps way more then you think!!
      +1 :D

      Originally posted by Jass1960
      welcome to my world !
      When I wrote the above I had just had a terrible day at the tables....

      This morning I went with my A game head on and in 70 hands lost 4 buy-ins all when I was favourite pre flop.......

      Even my QQ flop Q got beat..... I was close to giving up this fucking game....

      However, I stuck with and got ITM in 3 out of 4 Tournaments and because I was first in a 457 field I have increased my bank roll x 4.

      Stick with it mate.