• virtuajulian
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      hi can you tell me how to put people on a range for there actions. things like 3bet per flop raise and the like? Do you go by what percentage they are doing the action and what hand they did it with? things like calling raises from the big blind. if some one is doing this 20% of the time can i say that they are calling with top 20% of hands. and help on this would be gratefully reserved.
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    • joecar
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      Are you using a HUD like Holdem manager, PT3 or elephant?
    • matel17
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      How many hands they play? from which positions? How much and how often are they calling/raising? how many continuation bets they make? how often? to which flops? What did they showdown with?

      All this and an infinite amount of other things will give you a feel for what their range is.

      You need to observe for a while of course.