Why I can't stop ?

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      Well, I decided to play poker a few moths ago.. got involved in some freerolls.. understood the basics of the game.. started to get higher and higher in the list.. and... then I won some money.. 8$.. immediately played a tour which I lost them.. then I won again 8$... sat on a SitNGo tournament.. won 21$... then... I lost it on a 21$ buy-in tournament... then.. I got 3rd place in a 1000$ freeroll at FullTilt.. well 68%... took it a bit slower... sat ot 11% sit and go and won it.. +42$.. then again.. won.. then again ... I got 2nd place.. and... 153$.. sat ot a cash table... 350$... and then.. i went for 3$6$ table... went allin with pocket aces.. and... got blown by pocket nines!... -350$..
      My question is.. when should I end my stair run up the limits?
      It's a pitty to have 350$ in your bankroll and play 15$ tournament with 4000 players though.. or play a 0.01$ 0.02$ table also... with best of luck you get 3$.. which is nothing compared to your bankroll..
      Please reply. Light me !

      P.S. I'm a bad player though (I dont belive in the short stack strategy.. most of poker is luck)

      (hand AK.. flop 822.. 2 players go allin with 8 , 2 players go allin with 2.. I go allin with AK because I put half of my bankroll preflop and took the last place in the hand)

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