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    • antstruk
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      1 and 2 cent blinds, I have an agressive image and $3.89, I'm in small blind with pocket 77. There's one limper, I raise it to 10 cent,, bb calls, limper folds. Flop comes Q Q 7 I bet 10 cents. Bb has $1.45, and raises 30cents. I call. Turn is a 10 I check bb goes 50 cents I raise her all in, she calls and shows Q 10 and wins the pot with a higher full house.

      How could I have played this better?
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    • Lindberg789
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      wrong forum. :p
      But you can't do nothing, just bad luck.
    • Timo
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      Hi antstruk,

      the information I posted in your other thread applies to this one as well:

      Unfortunately this is the wrong forum. This forum is for feedback concerning the content that is offered by PokerStrategy.com.

      In order to get your hands evaluated, you have to post it into our sample hands forum. The professional handjudges of PokerStrategy.com are happy to help you there. Also you have to make sure that you convert the hand correctly, this makes it a lot easier for the handjudges to evaluate your hand.

      You should probably have a look at this sticky, it contains all the information on how to post a sample hand.

      Since you didnt mention the gametype and you have the Bronze status, I moved this thread into the BSS Basic Forum for you.

    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Standard cooler, I wouldn't play it any different unless I had reasons to believe villain could check back the turn for some reason, which would make it a lot harder for us to get all the stacks in out of position, in which case I'd probably 3bet the flop or call the flop donk the turn if I thought 3betting the flop looked too scary.

      Hope it helps.