Suggestion: Highest Lifetime level

    • AlCaTrAzzALZ
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      hi guys,

      not sure if this would be possible to implement into the forums or the community area, but would it be possible so that in addition to our current level being shown (mine being silver atm) to show the highest level we have ever attained?

      the reason for asking is 2fold, firstly, it allows new members to get more of an idea about who might be commenting on their hands/blog/whatever... i'm sure there are several 'bronze' members who at one time or another were as high as diamond members but either now play on a non tracked account or possibly dont put in the same volume that they used to (for example, me being silver atm instead of gold/platnum)

      secondly, it provides yet another reward to people who grind on their tracked accounts, giving you guys more revenue and hopefully more kick ass articles/video's/coaching/photo's of kyle half naked ;)

      (second, i formally request a video of all the LHE coaches making smoothies and playing SC2)
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