"Secondary Logon"

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      Hi !
      I reinstalled the PostgresSQL because i wasnt able to load my hand histories in Elephant.
      ps: Im using Windows 7 Ultimate
      Now i did all procedures about uninstalling it and deleting the remaining folders.

      When i try to install with the username "postgres" its says : "Invalid username specified: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password"
      Im not missing the password.

      So i tried other username like "postgres" and it worked.

      In the next step 'Initialise databse cluster' im having problems.
      I changed the superuser name to "postgress" and the same password of the previous step and its appearing this message:

      "Service check
      The 'Secondary Logon service is not running. This service is required for the installer to initialize the databse
      Please start this service and try again"

      I cant find nothing about this!!
      Please help me
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