Going For The Record

    • NeilSimpson
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      Been playing NL100 on full tilt recently and i think i must be running at some kind of record for how many times i can lose in a row with an overpair. every single time i have AA and some1 has 77+ and throws them in pre flop they hit a set! same for everytime i have KK or QQ....and anytime i have KK against AA i miss. i did a rough calculation and i reckon now it between 15-20 in a row ive lost when some1 has 2 cards to hit. probably closer to 20. i understand that AA etc will lose to an underpair on some occasions but this is just becoming a joke its actually almost laughable...anyone care to enlighten me on the probability of a PP losing to a smaller PP 20 times in a row?
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    • jecis4
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      EV line or it did not happen.
    • Eminescu500
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      @ jecis: what Ev line you want man? If he has an overpair and a guy has a set he it's behind so you can't see shit on the Ev line lol

      @ neil: it's called variance!
    • santostr
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      When it happens to me I call it BS :f_biggrin:
    • vonki
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      Originally posted by Eminescu500
      @ jecis: what Ev line you want man? If he has an overpair and a guy has a set he it's behind so you can't see shit on the Ev line lol
      it says in the OP "and they get it in pre".. =)

      But yea 20 times in a row is probably selective memory at its best, im not saying you're lying but I think there is a win or two in there too ;)

      Many people underestimate the power of variance though. Even though it's not a big possibility to run that bad, it's still a possibility, especially given we are all regular players it will happen several times in our lives.

      I do see where your frustrations come from, but I also think you're not completely rational atm. That's what emotions will to do you. In a couple of months time you'll probably look back at the post and laugh.

      So just pull through and keep getting the money in good. That's about all you can do about it really :)
    • diutza
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      Just been in almost the same situation, I've had about 8 bad beats and maybe some 2 hands playing wrong after getting in a bad mood because of that many bad beats.

      I've had the same feeling like you are saying.
      When I've hit AA it was just like a deja vu when someone else hit a set, 2 pairs, straight or flush. I was expected to lose again with the best hand in poker. The situation repeated about 3 times.
      When having KK, someone else got AA.

      Was making a nice hole into my bankroll around -120$ at NL50. I still haven't filled yet, but I don't give up.